WE SPECIALIZE in composing and producing impassioned music for visual storytelling. Our clients include film producers, animators, advertising companies, game developers, Sony, EMI, RCA, Warner Music.

OUR FORTE lies in combining our extensive orchestral knowledge with other musical styles to create magical, epic, rich and cinematic music, either instrumental or vocal. Having said that, we can pretty much produce anything from punk to orchestral or the combination of the two. We know how to work with tight timelines and last minute changes in digital format and we are also a true one stop for real orchestral productions.

OUR PASSION is finding the most optimal musical idea to serve multifunctional purposes in your project; evoke emotion, give identity, support what is not evident by the visuals alone, fitting to characters, story, location etc. We can do this with a set budget, or consult and offer multiple solutions with different budget options to choose from.

Talking about music is not always easy, so contact us and we are normally able to produce a free music demo for your consideration to ensure that we are organically on the same path. We would love to talk with you about your project!


“Romantic Spies in Vienna” – Composed, orchestrated and produced by Tomi Ervi @ Modern Orchestration