toptomine.pngTOMI ERVI brings a unique musical sensibility to any project. He was born in Finland and lived several years in London and Paris before moving to New York where he was signed by Warner Chappell as a composer. Tomi has worked with classical musicians from New York Philharmonic to Helsinki Opera, written composition for big bands, recorder quartets, rappers and various Folk/Pop/Soul/Rock and Jazz groups.

Tomi Ervi  has over 30 years in the music industry. He has composed and produced a national US Top-40 hit in jazz format, 20 national Number-1 hit songs in Pop and Soul formats in his native Finland and numerous Top-40 hit song on radio stations in England, Germany, Sweden and around the world. Tomi has created music for artists, record labels, TV Ad’s, animations, documentaries, award winning websites, games and is consistently looking for new projects to challenge his mind.

Formal Studies include “Master Certificate on Orchestration for Film and TV”* and “World Music Composition styles” studies at Berklee, “Audio Engineering School” (London), multiple instrument studies (piano, organ, bass, guitar, flute) and theory. *”Orchestration 1″, “Orchestration 2”, “Woodwinds and Strings”, “Advanced Horn Writing”, “Writing Techniques for Full Orchestra”, “Software Notation”, “Music Composition for Film and TV”, “Song Writing for Film and TV.


“Orchestral Song” – Composed, orchestrated and produced by Tomi Ervi @ Modern Orchestration